Tamami Iinuma


Tamami Iinuma is an artist from Tokyo, based in Tokyo, Leipzig and Paris.
D.F.A. at Tokyou National University of Arts and Music, 2018.

Focus on the relationship between photography and architecture, language of photographed architecture, as well as imaged architecture in printed-matter, she aims to draw out the story in the body of architecture through photography. Her works take part in various exhibitions in Germany and Japan and meet with the architectural studies, collaborates with architects, artists, critics and more, and cooperates projects with various institutions and publishers world-wide.

Solo Exhibitions

2019・JAPAN IN DER DDR - 東ドイツにみつけた三軒の日本の家 at Nikon Salon Ginza and Osaka
2018・建築の瞬間 - Momentary Architecture at Pola Museum / Atrium Gallery, Hakone
2017・House of Architecture at Roppongi Hills Club presented by Mori Museum, Tokyo
2016・JAPAN IN DER DDR-Mitte Berlin at the studio of Thibaut de Ruyter, Berlin
2016・歌う建築を聴く- architecture singing at Tsutaya Books, Kyoto and Tokyo
2016・JAPAN IN DER DDR at Motto Books Berlin
2016・The 3rd Architecture - book, maison and forest at Post Books Tokyo
2015・From Le Corbusier to Mayekawa at Nikon Salon Tokyo and Osaka
2015・PASSAGE / Colonne at Cite Internationale des Arts Paris
2015・PASSAGE / Agence de Voyage at Cite Internationale des Arts Paris

singular participation to Art Book Fairs

2019・Friends with Books at Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin
2018・MISS READ at Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin
2018・Fruit Exhibition at Palazzo Re Enzo Bologna
2017・Friends with Books at Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin
2016・Friends with Books at Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin
2015・Friends with Books at Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin
2014・MISS READ at Art Berlin Contemporary

Group Shows

2019・Friends with Books at Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, curated by Savannah Gorton
2019・Von Ferne. Bilder zur DDR at Museum Villa Stuck Munich, curated by Sabine Schmidt
2018・Requiem for a Failed State at Halle 14 Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Spinnerei Leipzig, curated by Michael Arzt
2017・Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox 1989-2017 at Kunsthalle Wien curated by Motto Books
2017・3 days exhibition at Sezon Art Gallery, Tokyo
2017・Chemin de Fer at Centre Régional de la Photographie, Nord Pas-de-Calais, France curated by Thibaut de RUyter
2016・PASSAGE 2 at Werkschauhalle Spinnere Leipzig curated by Ilina Koralova and Isabelle Bertolotti
2016・Tres+Tres (3+3) at Spanish Embassy in Tokyo
2016・IMA Gallery Collection at IMA Gallery Tokyo
2016・YOKO ONO LUMIÈRE DE L'AUBE at Musee d’Art Contemporarin Lyon
2015・PASSAGE at Capitainerie curated by Ilina Koralova and Isabelle Bertolotti
2015・WERKSCHAU 2015 at WERKSCHAU / Baumwolle Spinnerei Leipzig
2015・STEP OUT ! The New Japanese Photographers at IMA Gallery Tokyo
2015・The New Visions at Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo
2014・VvK9 / Coincidental Perception at Kunst Arzt gallery, Kyoto
2014・THE EXPOSED #7 at G/P+g3 gallery, Tokyo
2013・SPACE CADET Actual Exhibition #2 at Turner Gallery, Tokyo
2012・European Cultural Capital, Guimarães noc noc at Museum Alberto Sampaio Extention, Guimarães
2012・The 5th International Fotobook Festival at Le Bal, Paris
2011・conditioned air at AKIBA TAMABI 21, Tokyo
2010・Rundgang at Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2009・Japan Media Art Festival 2008 at The National Art Center Tokyo

Text Production

2018・"Ginza in the Eyes" for the magazine "The Crown Book 2018SS" by Saegusa
2017・"Le Corbusier’s landscape in typography - how book became architecture ?" as Doctoral Thesis at Tokyo National University of the Arts
2015・"JAPAN IN DER DDR #01 Interhotel Merkur Leipzig" for the exibition calatog STADT / BILD -
Images of City by Cooperation by Berlinische Galerie, Deusche Bank Kunsthalle, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, and Nationalgalerie-Staatlische Museen zu Berlin


2017・Audi Magazine
(German car company Audi’s magazine, Japanese edition. Tamami Iinuma is in charge of photographic material of Audi's new model Q2. cover image, poster and snapshots with Q2 in Japan)

(Japanese magazine for work-style and office interir published by Kokuyo. Tamami Iinuama is in charge of its photographic material of whole issue vol.11 : The next step for startup city Berlin)

2017・MIND Magazine
(Chinese magazine for art and life-style published by MIND Group. “Salute, Bruno Taut” is featured 12pages)

2016・Landscape Stories Vol.23
(Italian web magazine for contemporary photography. The series of work “Landscape in Modern Architecture” is featured)

2016・建築知識 / Knowledge of Architecture
(Japanese magazine for architecture. One image from “Landscape in Modern Architecture” is used for its cover image)

2015・IMA Magazine
(Japanese magazine for photography published by amana images. “Salute, Bruno Taut” is featured 8pages)

2014・IMA Magazine
(Japanese magazine for photography published by amana images. “Landscape in Modern Architecture” is featured 8pages)

Photo Book

2016・「建築の建築 / House of Architecture」(POST)

Artist Book

2016・「JAPAN in der DDR」
2015・「REAL ESTATE - Town of Photography, Higashikawa」
2015・「Landscape in Modern Architecture」
2015・「WHEN PHOTOGRAPHY BECOMES PRINT - no.3 bureaux 8209 / map」
2014・「Salute, Mr.Bruno Taut」
2014・「Das Tier Lacht Nicht」*collaboration with Laurent Proux
2014・「いつかの住人 - Un Jour Un Habitant」*collaboration with Shiori Clark
2013・「LEIPZIG PLAGWITZ PARIS PANTIN」*collaboration with Laurent Proux
2013・「Landscape in Modern Architecture」
2012・「Salute, Mr.Taut - 12 photographs of Bruno Taut’s Architecture by Tamami Iinuma」


2010 Pola Art Foundation

Artist in Residency Program

2014 Cite Internationale des Arts Paris (9 months)
2014 Town of Photography Higashikawa (1 month)
2010- Leipziger Baumwolle Spinnerei